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There are technological moments in which a product makes the leap to being state of the art and changes our life style.
For example, it was so for the automobile, the television, the Internet and smartphones. We feel that you could reasonably and equally look, with similar admiration, to the technological leap that has allowed the ceramic sector to move on from its traditional sizes to giant ones, like those that distinguish the Ultra project.

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The scale of proportions is now far larger than the anthropometric reference points of the Modulor originally theorized by Le Corbusier in 1948. These reach 3 metres in height and relate not only to just the human factor, but to the building in it's entirety allowing the resolution of the external interface as well as the dressing of the internal spaces.

In this way, Ultra offers designers the added option of using a product with a real ceramic base that thanks to it's reduced width 6mm, is still manoeuvrable by simple human strength. Maybe, more importantly it adds a unique feature to the majestic height of these materials: the standard size is 150cm. This renders the product superior to anything else on the market and unparalleled in terms of its seamless application on furnishings, floors and walls.

The Ultra Collection is enriched with new surfaces that combine aesthetics and elegance to satisfy an ever more demanding public.
Rosso Imperiale, Calacatta Viola, Tropical Black, Sodalite Blu and Onice Nero are some of the new nuances inspired by the finest natural marbles and onyxes that complete the Ultra Marmi and Ultra Onici Collections.

The new surfaces feature rich textures and variegated veining that embellish their aesthetics and make them suitable for both traditional solutions for public and private spaces and creative applications for furnishing accessories and design objects, making any environment elegant and sophisticated.


"Book match is a term used to describe the technique of laying panels side by side to produce an effect where the pattern is mirrored. The aesthetic result achieved is particularly esteemed by those who work in the marble industry, and is synonymous with high quality extraction from the quarry.

Panels available in the ULTRA MARMI collection that enable this impressive effect are STATUARIO ALTISSIMO, ARABESCATO STATUARIO, STATUARIO ULTRA and CALACATTA MACCHIA VECCHIA.

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