Ultra iCementi

Ultra iCementi
Cement / Resin Effect Large Slabs

iCementi Ariostea with their 300x100 size restore sensations typical of eternal materials, giving surfaces a familiar taste and a fascinating air at the same time.
Ultra slabs technical and aesthetical features assure designers both great resistance and a strong emotional impact, with none of the limits typical of the original materials that have inspired them.

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The twin properties of lightness and minimal thickness, as well as a roughly warm cement effect offer pleasing contrasts and open up new horizons for design.

The prelucidato finish is applied on some Ultra products and it gives the material a refined and elegant look.
It is enough just to have a quick look at the plate to immediately understand the aesthetic and practical potential of this finish; the characteristics of the surface structure's native material is unaltered, and in fact it is embellished with particularly elaborate iridescent reflections caused by interaction with the light and the environment.

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