Ultra 270x120            120x120

Ultra 270x120

The Ultra marble-effect range of products, now available in the new 270x120 and 120x120 sizes, offer a perfect blend of classic and contemporary appeal, as well as guaranteeing a variety of solutions to bring a beautifully rigorous, sophisticated touch to all kinds of public and private environments.

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An ethical, sustainable approach has always been part of our history, our products and how our concepts are developed. As well as reducing production emissions to zero, we invest in the evolution of products and the technological improvement of processes, optimising and taking care of every detail. This commitment has led to the addition of the new series of 270x120 and 120x120 sizes, able to adapt to standard project dimensions and reduce waste, from the factory to the building yard, as well as transport. The innovations underlying our commitment to the environment are not only good for the planet.

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