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Safety Clip System

Patented System / Wet Envelopes
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Patented System / Wet Envelopes

A glue, chosen specifically to suit the laying surface, the material size, the façade composition and the climatic and environmental conditions, is spread on the laying surface to support the large-sized, thin porcelains stoneware slabs.
The glue, applied using a toothed spatula with a thickness of 5 to 10 mm, requires a flat, smooth surface, as it has a limited capacity to compensate any unevenness in the underlying surface. Depending on the specific project, suitable structural joints and expansion joints are included in the design.

To increase the safety of the system and for applications on heights above 2.4 metres, a stainless steel safety hook is fitted to the back of the slab (using a mechanical incision), which is in turn hooked mechanically onto the building, flush to the wall.
To ensure maximum quality and resistance, the slab processing is performed exclusively at the factory.

Sistema Safety Clip


Conventional gluing technologies can be used with any size of slab, but for applications above 2.4 metres it is advisable to use safety retainers. The application of the porcelain stoneware slabs directly onto the brickwork makes the system suited for envelopes that do not require highenergy performance, or where the walls are already suitably insulated.

The diagram below describes the size ranges and some key indications for gluing Ultra slabs on outer walls depending on their position on the façade.

Sistema Safety Clip

NOTES: The size range is purely indicative, as external coverings can be produced using slabs of all sizes (up to 300x150 cm).
The key refers to the height above ground of the building

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