Porcelain tiles for ventilated facades

Porcelain tiles for ventilated facades

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Porcelain tiles are a fundamental component of so-called building skins. The most exposed layer, the component that determines the exterior appearance, they can be ‘Active’ in reducing air pollution and favoring its cleaning, convey a building’s value and showcase the creativity of the designer. They are unquestionably one of the best performing building skin systems because they protect everything they cover by providing the following advantages: 

  • Greater mechanical resistance 
  •  Greater resistance to thermal shock 
  •  Reduced water absorption 
  •  Incombustible 
  •  Fade-resistant in sunlight 
  •  Resistant to chemicals and smog 
  •  Can be made photocatalytic thereby helping to reduce air pollution 
  •  Lightweight 
  •  Reduced maintenance 
  •  Static autonomy of each individual tile with consequent greater flexibility of cladding systems 

These qualities epitomize the intrinsic value of porcelain tiles, making them particularly suitable for cladding ventilated facades to a considerably greater extent than other solutions, such as natural stone for example. Compared to the latter, porcelain tiles are particularly light and therefore ensure load effects on buildings are much less problematic.

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