Sizes and finishes

Sizes and finishes

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Porcelain tiles are the most suitable materials for creating ventilated facades with the Granitech system. These meet the necessary requirements for the long-lasting durability of facades, combining superior technical properties with a remarkable aesthetic appearance. Due to both these properties, their long term appearance does not change and at the same time excellent performance is ensured, thus keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology has made it possible to produce exceptionally large format tiles. Our range of materials, available in various thicknesses, offers the potential for creating infinite architectural solutions. The surface finishes available are smooth, prepolished, polished, semi-polished, natural, structural or burnished. Finally, due to recent innovations, Active treatment is able to counteract the effects of air and bacterial pollution. The vast collections can be combined with each other for optimal creative freedom and can also be cut to size. 

In terms of performance, the main properties of technical ceramic tiles are as follows: 

  • High flexing strength, always greater than 55 N/mm (parameters ISO 10545.4) 
  • Average water absorption 0.04% (ISO 10545.3) 
  • Frost resistance and resistance to low temperatures (ISO 10545.12) 
  • Color resistance for exposure to sunlight (DIN 51094).
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