ULTRA   Formats, thicknesses   and finishes

Formats, thicknesses
and finishes


unquestionably set the new benchmark for the industrial production of large formats. 300x150 cm is the largest size currently available on the market in terms of dimensions, lightness and precision.

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The richness of the Ultra surfaces is enhanced by providing the largest slabs ever produced with an elegance of polishing combined with the incredibly contained thicknesses.
A fine, unique and surprising surface fi nish. The incomparable silky effect of the special silk polishing is achieved through an exclusive series of mechanical processes, similar to those that form naturally occurring surfaces, and cannot be obtained with enamel or artifi cial applications.

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To make Ultra technology more and more flexible and adaptable to different application needs, all the collections based on the native sizes of 300 x 150, 300 x 100 cm are available with a thickness of 6 mm.

The flexibility of ULTRA technology allows the various product collections developed by Ariostea to be completely adapted to generate projects ranging from simple flooring or coverings for large or small surfaces to object-based applications and furnishing accessories. Using this new concept that combines light weight and technical performance, it is now possible to create genuine products or installations with the added benefits that come with ceramic technology. The very nature of the material also lets designers apply each of these possibilities in indoor and outdoor environments to develop smooth, curved and even backlit surfaces.


With its area of 4,50 m2, ULTRA is the new industry standard for project designers and for all projects where dimensions make the difference.


ULTRA offers unmatched project flexibility and the freedom to give concrete form to your ideas without being shackled by size.


Thanks to its native 6 mm thickness, ULTRA provides lightness and strength in all applications - even the ones you'd never even imagined.

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