Handling and Storage

Handling and Storage


For the correct handling of the pallets, a fork lift truck must be used, at least 1.5 m long, with the forks positioned in the largest width position.

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During manual movement and installation of “ULTRA” slabs, to protect operators' safety and ensure the integrity of the slabs, we strongly recommend using a movement frame with suction cups and a trolley for movement, available on request, especially when working with particularly large “ULTRA” slabs (such as 300x150 cm – 150x150 cm). A pair of two-way suction cups may be sufficient for moving smaller “ULTRA” slabs (such as 100x100 cm) .


The equipment required to lift and move slabs must be chosen from the list below, according to the size of the slab and the work to be performed on the site:

  • Forklift with 1.5 m long forks.
  • Movement frame with suction cups and wheeled trolley for movement
  • Two-way suction cups for movement of slabs measuring up to 100x100 cm.


  • Remove the cover of the crate.
  • Position the movement frame on the slab with safety suction cups, making sure that they adhere perfectly, and checking that the arrow in the pressure gauge is beyond the red area.
  • To move slabs horizontally (on the level), use the handling frame with suction cups to put the slab in a vertical position and place on the wheeled trolley to be moved.


Correct pallet movement requires use of a forklift with forks at least 1.5 m long, positioned at their maximum width. Under normal conditions, forks should be placed in the centre of the long side of the pallet, as they must support the entire depth of the pallet. To permit easy, safe removal of slabs, we recommend positioning pallets in an appropriate area where the forklift has room to move around on all sides of the pallet.

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