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The new Ariostea Napoli showroom is located in Agnano, very close to Naples, in an extremely productive and lively area.

The showroom was entirely designed by Marco Porpora Architetti according to an innovative concept: an open space where to display a vast array of products and, in particular, an exclusive and refined selection of the Ultra tiles, which measure up to 300x150 cm. A workshop that creates a dialogue between the world of design and architecture and Ariostea technical ceramics. A place where creativity and materials meet and projects come to life. Where you can exchange ideas, see them, and even touch them.

This lively and dynamic space aims at becoming a Creative Workshop, where industry professionals, architects, and designers can share their knowledge and experience and experiment with all the possible new applications of the various materials.

Via Pisciarelli, 60 - 80078 Pozzuoli (NAPLES)
Tunnel exit Agnano
GPS Coordinates:
LAT  40° 49’
LON 14° 9’

Contacts us:

Paolo Arzano
Mob: +39 335 6953221

Dr. Alessandro Arzano
Mob: +39 338 9343914

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