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The GREENPAVILLION 014, set up on the occasion of the Cersaie exhibition, is intended as a channel and a bridge across the completely renewed Castellarano show-room.

The project, curated by the Architecture Studio Marco Porpora, reworks the same collections and concepts of the Ariostea show-room, offering a wide range of models out of the current production on large sheets, in combination with the same complimentary materials, such as plate glass, the colour green, and various plastics matters.

The exteriors of the show-room are made of a continuous three-sided coated perimeter, raised above the platform, in which marmi, pietre and resine are interchanged. The wall system is used to create a higher belt line to filter the natural light and lighten the overall composition of the matters on display.

The interiors, on the contrary, open up completely to the visitors, in a succession of parallel paths, created by the displacement of large, fully upholstered portals, traced by hanging intermittent green lines. 

The ceramic ware typifies the concept of flexibility, which informs each element set in a line along the portals, on the walls, and on the floor in a structural balance of sensations and colours among the various families of the Ultra world.

Location: Italy - Bologna

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