Residential Building

Residential Building

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the architectural value of this residential building lies in its ability to synthesize three different factors: the site, the architect's sensibility and the client's demands.

the development in milan's via faccioli is unlike any other building in the area. its architectural structure rises skyward to leave as much of the surrounding space as possible free for greenery.

the main façade is unified and compact, while the curves of the roof, balconies and other volumes visually lighten the structure, built on a lot surrounded by existing buildings.

the architectural elements making up the building were selected with the aim of achieving refined, elegant results through use of particular colours and carefully calibrated proportions of various parts.
the façades are decorated in a way that makes them easy to read, underlining the order that harmonises all the relationships generated by various different functions.

these considerations result in a project concept that is given concrete form through specific choices taking into account all the factors involved in form, function and performance.

The quality of the materials is an essential factor in the choice of finish for the façade, made of large slabs which use natural raw materials and a complex industrial process to reproduce pietra di barge and verde alpi marble, produced by ariostea.
the material's performance and adhesive application technique ensure excellent dependability and durability of façades even under varying climatic conditions.

Ariostea's high-tech stones turn out to be the perfect solution because of their resistance, easy maintenance, and classic colours emphasising the building's formal elegance.

The colour combination is very successful: the façade is dominated by a light colour, with large fields of silvery grey and brownish yellow pietra di barge, interrupted by horizontal stripes of deep green verde stones create an orderly, rhythmic design on the building's facade, fully expressing their potential and underlining the quality of the architectural elements.

Location: Milan - Italy
Architect: Arch. Giovanni Mistretta

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