La Traum

La Traum

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Hong.d architects is a Korean company based in Seoul whose portfolio includes numerous national and international projects. Due to its diverse multidisciplinary expertise and specializations, the practice is in a position to create completely integrated designs, involving highly strategic guidance. 

Fifteen high-end villas together form La Traum, a new vibrant complex with features which specifically re-imagine fundamental elements of traditional Korean housing, satisfying the requirements of everyday life yet with a pervasive sense of peace and tranquility due to the natural landscape and courtyard. The style prioritizes ultimate simplification to further improve visual and sensory continuity with nature and assimilate each building’s structure. The design includes a first floor garden, courtyard with water feature and sympathetic landscaping, in addition to an infinity pool on the third floor, where you can enjoy the superb view when swimming. 

Ensuring the most effortless and secure lifestyle as possible, facilitated by advanced smart-home systems and first class services, is one of the chief concerns, in addition to supporting a truly healthy and natural sojourn in every respect. With this in mind, environmentally friendly materials were chosen with superb quality finishes, which strictly comply with eco-compatible building standards. With regard to interior and exterior cladding, it was decided to prioritize and underline the sense of continuity and interaction between the two parts, removing barriers and restrictions through the uniformity of a unique design. The porcelain tiles used for this purpose were produced due to active, synergetic collaboration with Ariostea, the sole supplier of all the ceramic materials for floors and walls. Due to its years of experience and established research and development into cladding materials, it was possible to create a special motif, specifically designed by the architecture practice for the buildings. The floor area of over 25,000 m2 is entirely covered in 120 x 60cm 12mm thick porcelain tiles. 

In the interiors, a streamlined, elegant contemporary style adds warmth and brings to life an intimate atmosphere due to the colors and textures. Shades of wood and equally vibrant stone are enhanced with tiles specially created by Ariostea Design Center which provide a unique ambiance and impeccable aesthetic result. A choice that not only accentuates details and finishes but intensifies the symbiosis and perfect affinity with the surrounding natural landscape.

MATERIALS: full-body porcelain tiles, 120 x 60cm format, custom-made at the customers request

Location: Seogwipo

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