La Ceramica e il Progetto

La Ceramica e il Progetto

Special Projects

The technical and aesthetic properties of marble represent an archetype of traditional surfaces. Stability, concreteness and original veins play a role of primary importance in the production of floors, tables and countertops, both as a covering material and as an accessory.
Marble continues to play a key role in contemporary design, dialoguing with a variety of decorating styles in a manner that remains relevant today, in spaces ranging from the kitchen to the living room and from the bathroom to outdoor spaces.
Much sought-after for its versatility in public places, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, wellness centres and pools, marble provides the reference and inspiration for one of the most refined effects produced in porcelain.
With unchanged attractiveness and a natural propensity for decoration, marble-effect porcelain is perfect for any room in the home, as in a recent residential interior in Brianza designed by architect Aristide Cassanmagnago of ArchIng Associati in response to an invitation to participate in the “La Ceramica e il Progetto” (“Ceramics and Design”) competition held by Ceramics of Italy.

Analysis of design and a focus on detail led to the choice of Arabescato di Carrara marble from Ariostea’s Marmi Classici collection to cover an overhanging structural staircase, using 6 mm thick porcelain, abacus cut into slabs measuring 300x150 cm.
Making skilful use of the potential for combining cladding elements to create a pattern, the project underlines the motif of recurrent veins, obtaining a refined look that attracts attention to the composition as a whole and to the details, underlining the elegant effects created by the chiaroscuro colours of Ariostea slabs.

The architect chose porcelain surfaces inspired by traditional Carrara marble for aesthetic reasons and to make the most of the material’s light weight, versatility and convenience: aspects of primary importance in construction, which, combined with the renowned strength of aesthetic high-tech ceramics, makes Ariostea slabs the perfect surfaces for staircases and steps of all kinds.

Location: Monza e Brianza
Architect: Aristide Cassanmagnago
Laying and technical management of the site: Technoriunite

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