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Boutique Brooks Brothers

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Basalto Grigio (Grey Basalt) and Pietra di Luserna (Luserna Stone), two of the most popular varieties in the Pietre Naturali High-Tech collection by Ariostea, are part of the mosaic covering the floors of the famous Brooks Brothers store in Hong Kong.

It is a choice of surface that focuses on the quality of Ariostea porcelain floor tiles – the perfect complement for one of the oldest and most famous U.S. men’s clothing brands.

A true icon created in 1818, Brooks Brothers is now two centuries old and has dressed almost every U.S. president from Lincoln to Kennedy and Obama, through world wars, financial crashes and fashions of every kind over the course of the 20th century.

Its fame as a world leader in the retail sector has never been affected by these events, in fact it has grown and expanded on markets including that of Asia, thanks to its quality and high level of client loyalty.  

The Brooks Brothers store with Pietre Naturali High-Tech Ariostea flooring is located in the International Finance Centre (IFC), the second highest skyscraper in Hong Kong (412 m), with interior design by Stefano Tordiglione Design.

The style of the Asian store echoes that of stores in the USA, with capitals, Chicago cherry wood and walnut furnishings and an image that focuses on the artisan aspect that has always been a standout quality of the brand.

Ariostea’s Pietre Naturali High-Tech collection, chosen as mosaic flooring, is part of this high quality environment, transmitting the company image of Brooks Brothers, the iconic spirit of a whole nation and one of its most traditional brands, as well as the strength of memory and handmade tradition.  

A reference point in the international porcelain tile sector, Ariostea’s contribution to the Brooks Brothers project in Hong Kong underlines the strength of porcelain tiles made in Italy, combining latest generation quality and technology and reinterpreting the most elegant, rare and fascinating natural materials with unique style.

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Location: Hong Kong - China

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