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Miralice is an all-day bar & restaurant, channelling the glamour of Art Deco through a contemporary and playful tropical lens, resembling the movement’s influence in Miami.
The listed building of the late 19th century in which Miralice is founded consists of a ground floor and a mezzanine. The building’s interior is cloaked with a contrasting layered décor, creating compelling frames through its openings, inviting the passers-by in the grandiose world of Miralice.
The main synthesis’ design of brass arches inspired by the Art Deco movement, due to its size and colour contrast, highlights the space’s double height, enhancing at the same time the perimetrical mezzanine. A stylish and contemporary touch is added by the presence of neon accents using the bar’s branding slogans.
The sitting areas’ layout in the interior and exterior of Miralice consist of different setups, according to their respective use. The shape of the Art Deco inspired arches can also be found on the brass wicker structures covering the plush velvet dining area.

The chosen materials balance through an interplay of textures. The banana trees and hanging plants on the edge of the mezzanine furthermore enrich the diverse plurality of elements in the bar, by highlighting the aesthetic inspiration of the tropical Art Deco of Miami, adding the finishing touches to the extraordinary design of Miralice.

Location: Aegina island, Greece
Architect: k-division

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