Harrods London

Harrods London

Restaurants and bars

Symbolic of London shopping, in recent years Harrods’ historic building in London has become an iconic tourist destination in its own right, transcending its commercial activities. A store where you can literally find anything at all.
Inside, the numerous restaurants and bars are highly prized and sought after by visitors for coffee breaks or afternoon tea due to their specialties and sheer variety of choice.
Ariostea Ultra ceramic tiles were selected for the dessert counter in the patisserie and coffee bar in the "Roastery and Bake Hall”, the renowned Art Deco-style food hall where you can enjoy coffee, desserts and delicacies, created by a team of professional bakers and expert chefs.
The installation confirms the unique properties of Ariostea tiles, considered to be one of the finest ceramic tiles in the world.
First and foremost, installation in direct contact with foodstuffs demonstrates how Ariostea technical ceramics create a surface which meets the fundamental requirements of restaurants for hygiene, ease of daily cleaning, and long term wear resistance whilst maintaining aesthetic properties.
Ariostea porcelain tiles are almost totally non-absorbent, providing incomparable resistance compared with other ceramic products. Their appearance makes them ideal for small or large areas in constant contact with food and drink.
Secondly, their versatility lends itself to customized solutions, such as the dessert counter in Harrods coffee bar, which increases the options available to interior designers in terms of composition and creativity.

The choice of marble effect Bianco Calacatta tiles reflects the aesthetic features of the coffee bar. A first glance reveals the decorative integrity of the hall with Art Deco-style furnishings which create a classic, relaxing and pleasant ambiance, aided by the unique, attractive appearance of delicate, pale Bianco Calacatta marble, replete with sophisticated, original veining.

Location: London

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