V24 Apartment

V24 Apartment

Residential Area

Located in a building situated in a green, luxurious area in the north of Bucharest, Romania, V24 is designed by Sami Bumbu Studio to be a minimalist concept with marble accents. The apartment measures 252 sqm, a large area, developed functionally with a sense of coziness, luxury and simplicity, creating the impression of a spacious and airy home, under a minimalistic approach. The interior color scheme is neutral, with small accents of color, linked with a range of minimalistic details.

Due to the wide range of Ariostea materials, we managed to generate layouts with an unique character, using the advantage of the big dimension slabs, that had as a final effect, continuous and clean surfaces. The Capraia Ultra Marmi product became the key element while developing the design of the bathrooms and the kitchen. The intention was to create a spectaculous finishing for the walls, elaborating the bathroom design around the main element, in this case, the marble.

Therefore, a vital part in this process was the junction of the slabs, the main purpose of this gesture was to create the visual effect of continuity, each piece of marble being cut and positioned in a way that all of them work together in creating a whole, constant surface. The rest of the pieces (furniture, sanitary items, illumination etc…) that are contained in the bathroom spaces were especially choosen and designed to emphasize the swirls and the veins of the marble effect slabs.
In addition, to produce harmonious proportions between the slabs and the rest of the space, the walls were completed by Ultra Iridium Bianco product.

Everything in this luxurious residence has been designed carefully and very detailed, generating a facile implementation, making the rendering projections and the final physical result looking exactly the same way.

Location: Bucharest
Architect: Sami Bumbu

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