Private Residence Livorno

Private Residence Livorno

Residential Area

The most refined qualities of Ultra Ariostea maxi-slabs include the materials’ great versatility and flexibility, two aspects encouraging designers to maximise customisation of spaces.
Thanks to these properties, and to the creative freedom and absence of size constraints they permit, maxi-slabs permit projects of innovative design with a bold identity, such as MODO architettura + design’s recent renovation of the Pop House residence.

In a fascinating interior packed with art and creativity, MODO’s project, which included bathrooms featuring Ariostea surfaces, was immediately oriented toward the concept of spaces ideally representing the client and mirroring the client’s personality and lifestyle.
MODO met the challenges involved in achieving these results with use of contemporary, high-performing materials in the vanguard of technology.
The Ultra Ariostea marble-effect slabs chosen as surface coverings for the bathroom guarantee refined technical and aesthetic properties such as elegance, brightness, and high-tech appeal.
Following the client’s instructions to design " elegant but eccentric continuous spaces with no grouting", the project made use of top-quality materials and finishes, declaredly "artfully combined to offer a result in clear pop style".
Ultra Marmi maxi-slabs fully respond to these technical and aesthetic requirements with a practical lightweight maxi-slab permitting visual continuity and large surfaces uninterrupted by gaps or visual obstacles.
And so the Pop House project contains two bathrooms in contrasting colours, at the end of a corridor set up as an art gallery.

In the total white look of the first bathroom, the surfaces are covered with Ultra maxi-slabs of Paonazzetto S marble, with attractive dark, almost golden veins on a white background creating an original, surprising look.
In the second bathroom, completely covered with dark Porte D'Or marble, the infinite details of a maxi-slab of bold character stand out with their highly decorative, prestigious spirit.

Location: Livorno, Italy
Architect: MODO architettura + design

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