Private Residence Casa Negra

Private Residence Casa Negra

Residential Area

Ariostea’s Ultra large slabs have always been synonymous with resistance and stability. Stone effect surfaces are a designer solution where contemporary style and the strength of tradition come together in unison.

Inspired by the finest stratified stones, Ariostea’s Ultra Pietre range of technical porcelain stoneware slabs embellish indoor and outdoor spaces with their natural evocative power and compactness.

Thanks to their aesthetic properties and outstanding technical performance, the Ultra Pietre maxi slabs have been laid in the newly designed single-family residence Casa Negra Cala Canyelles in Lloret de Mar, Spain, a seaside resort town in the Costa Brava region of Catalonia.

In particular, the aim of the project by Francesc Aromir and Cristina del Pozo from the Barcelona-based architecture firm Dosarquitectes was to choose Ultra Pietre San Vicente Limestone for the façade (300x80 cm and 100x80 cm) and Jerusalem Limestone for the outdoor stairs (300x100 cm and 100x100 cm).

The harmonious combination of an attractive textured material and the large size of the slab, with a minimum thickness of only 6 mm, clearly conveys a sense of elegance, prestige and warmth. This stylish choice evokes emotions, enhances all types of furnishing and wall and floor tiles, and is suitable for all intended uses, both indoors and outdoors.

For the house in Spain, the large slabs of the Ultra collection were laid outdoors, making it possible to significantly enhance surface brightness and their highly detailed finishes, with a wide variety of subtle yet never overpowering shades and colour variations.

Moreover, the use of stone effect porcelain stoneware slabs is an extremely effective solution for a house overlooking the Costa Brava coastline, since it naturally blends into the landscape while drawing on the centuries-old tradition of Mediterranean homes.


Location: Girona, Barcellona
Architect: dosarquitectes

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