Appartamento Parioli

Appartamento Parioli

Residential Area

Restructuring of a Roman residence in Villa Borgese.

A private residence located in the green heart of the eternal city, between Villa Borghese and Villa Ada. The structure is placed in an amazing and at the same time intimate location hidden from urban chaos, in a residential complex built at the beginning of 1900, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The renovation was radical, involving structural, installation, distribution and formal housing aspects, in order to adapt the space to the now changed functionality of the contemporary domestic environment, less fragmented than in the past.

However, the formal design choices attempted to enshrine the historical spirit of the place, with oak floors reminiscent of the already existing parquet and new wooden windows with high performance thermal and acoustic insulation which faithfully reproduce the shapes and proportions of the past.

With this search of balance between the preservation of the age spirit and the use of technologically advanced materials and elements, the wall lining was selected to have double the height of the entrance environment, with large slabs of porcelain tile with a marble effect. The wall itself acts as a background (flanked by a pair of restored walnut doors dating back to the early twentieth century). In front of the wall there is just a glass balustrade, to communicate and reflect the continuity and the beauty of the material, completely faithful to the naturalness of marble, while hiding an innovative core.

Location: Roma - Italy
Architect: Gadeva

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