Tressano elementary school

Tressano elementary school

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Affirming the central role of education by creating a building with a unified design that responds to all the ideas and requirements of the public authorities and the teaching staff.
This is the goal of the new school campus in Tressano (Castellarano, RE) designed by Archilinea of Sassuolo (MO).

The architects wanted to create a school in which children would be aware of their central role in day-to-day educational activities. This is why the focus of the whole project, both vertically and horizontally, is the atrium, the fulcrum of the entire composition and layout of different functions on different floors: the entire school is visible from this central concourse, the focus of all activities and fulcrum of the school which is the whole purpose of the project.
To underline its role at the heart of the structure, the atrium does not have any views of the outdoors, whereas all the classrooms have beautiful views over the hills around the school.
The element selected to decorate the atrium, a huge flower motif produced by water jet cutting, dominates the centre of the plaza with its bright, happy colours.
Aesthetic and functional values are intimately intertwined in this project, made possible by Ariostea’s materials and laying skills.

Colour is used to underline the child’s playful character and central role in the school, expressed in the use of colour on the façades, in the floors and on the cladding of the whole building. This is the reason for the choice of Ariostea’s colourful Iridium collection of porcelain stoneware, creatively interpreted with water jet cutting to design the four theme plazas and classrooms in different colours.

The plazas are inspired by the symbols of the four natural elements: “earth” in the ground floor atrium, “fire” in the area in front of the cafeteria; “air” and “water” on the first floor, above the fire plaza.
Different sizes and colours of tiles are used in the other areas, with a prevalence of light colours to make the classrooms brighter. The architects take advantage of the many possibilities offered by the vast range of Ariostea ceramics, freely expressing their creativity with the infinite variety of different materials, sizes and colours.

The technical properties of Ariostea materials fully meet the requirements of brightness, educational qualities, contrast and shine (Iridium collection) as well as adherence (in the outdoor areas, for instance) and technical performance for specific applications (the Universe collection).
Finally, the choice of a local company as supplier further reinforces Ariostea’s link with families in the local population.
The school campus achieves the company’s key goals of combining the high quality and advanced technology that has always been associated with Ariostea with the unique beauty of nature, the creative genius of Italian design and the utmost respect for the environment and the people who live in it.

Ariostea and Castellarano: a new school campus for a better education and a better future.

Design: Archilinea
Photographs: Luciano Busani
Location: Tressano – Castellarano (Reggio Emilia), Italy 

Location: Tressano (RE) - Italy
Architect: Archilinea

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