Palazzo Obuda Gate

Palazzo Obuda Gate

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The best position and orientation for a building, like its inclusion in an important historic and urban context, can make all the difference in determining its success.

This is the case of the Obuda Gate Centre, a business centre in Budapest. A building offering all the benefits of convenient access to numerous financial institutions and corporate offices in the Hungarian capital, on both sides of the Danube. Its character is determined by large indoor spaces that may be adapted to meet the needs of small to mid-sized companies and big windows to let in plenty of daylight. From the interior of the building there are panoramic views over Parliament and Margaret Bridge. Another outstanding feature of the building’s interiors is surfaces made with Ariostea maxi-slabs from the elegant Ultra Onici collection. Their flexibility and light weight add a unique touch to the Obuda Gate building.

These two qualities of Ariostea high-tech porcelain maxi-slabs make it possible to build a project in which rooms can easily be divided thanks to their flexibility, while their light weight (the Ultra line is only 6 mm thick) makes it easy to lay the slabs in a variety of different ways. In addition to light weight, large size and minimal thickness, the choice of Ultra Onici floor and wall coverings in these interiors clearly indicates the architects’ preference for refined luxury and elegance.

The harmony of onyx and maxi-slabs is underlined, transforming surfaces from simple coverings into objects of design that have the same status as furnishings, on both the floors and walls.

Location: Budapest - Hungary

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