Private SPA Moscow

Private SPA Moscow

Hotel Spa & Wellness

Designed by Studio D73, the glass spa in Moscow is an imposing private complex which includes a wellness area, multi-level parking and villa, covering a total area of 5,000 sq.m.
The project, surrounded by forest as expressly requested by the client, benefits from Ariostea materials used for flooring and wonderfully combines the colors and beauty of nature with advanced technology. The stunning location substantially contributes to the overall ambiance, blending the green color of the fir trees that surround the property with the white snow that covers the area for most of the year.

Architects Marco Vismara and Andrea Viganò of Studio D73 created this luxurious private project, beginning with the finest Made in Italy qualities and values embodied by Ariostea, a global point of reference in the ceramics sector.
The design concept creates a dialog between the various blocks and exterior due to the fundamental role of the main material used: glass. As a result, visual barriers have been dissolved in order to amplify the perception of space, while at the same time bringing extraordinary luminosity to the shared spaces.

Of the three glass blocks which make up the complex, the central one is the client’s home, and connects the spa block and garages.
The wellness area is located on three levels and features a "clearly-delimited area with state-of-the-art high-tech rooms on the ground floor. Via a glass staircase and corridor clad in stone and natural materials, visitors enter the heart of the spa" where the color therapy relaxation room, hydro-massage bath spa with music therapy, and shower cubicles are located.
Outside the relaxation area, a basement equipped with the latest generation accessories acts as an entrance to the fitness area, from which you can access the swimming pool area on the first floor.

In the striking yet relaxing water area the focal point is a "steel infinity pool and hydro-massage pool, surrounded by carbon walls complete with LED panels in various colors” which creates light effects. From here the terrace directly overlooks the forest.
The combination of technology and nature throughout the entire projects finds in Ariostea ceramic tiles the perfect synthesis of aesthetic beauty and functionality.

In the spa area, the dark Pietre naturali Black Ardesia collection integrates wonderfully with the white of the Iridium collection, to create an intimate yet relaxing ambiance in the various areas. The contrasting colors of the two collections, combined with brightly colored light effects, convey the dynamism and appeal of a unique combination of classic and modern. Incredibly natural Ardesia imparts all the strength and warmth of a stone increasingly used by man, while Iridium provides a touch of sophisticated design to the entire design. The combined effect reinforces the perception of strength and solidity, properties inherent in Ariostea’s technical porcelain.

The private spa designed by Studio D73 won Best Private Pool in the international Aqua Prestige Competition 2016.

Location: Moscow

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