Pala Space Centro Fitness

Pala Space Centro Fitness

Hotel Spa & Wellness

The interiors of the Carpi Palaspace offer an example of the importance of cladding in determining a buildingís personality: playing with strong and dark colours and with light graduated hues, the stone surfaces define the way space is used and set up a relationship of dialogue with the public.

The concept underlying the design of the interiors of the Carpi Palaspace, the biggest fitness centre and spa in the province of Modena, might be summed up as ìsober wellnessî. Starting with an existing complex, Ariosteaís design office focused on interpretation of the interior environment, using floor and wall coverings as expressive elements contributing personality in the interior.

The Palaspace has a hall with a reception area and a coffee and waiting area, a single large fitness area in the centre of the facility, a large spa with wellness programmes and a lounge area, and a series of service areas including locker rooms and showers.
The flooring provides the trait díunion between all these different spaces: the reception areas have flooring in the bold shades of Ariostea St Laurent high-tech marble, a material particularly suitable for high traffic areas, extending into the fitness area, with its wooden floor, to form its perimeter, defining entry and exit routes and ideally separating the exercise area from passageways.
There are no walls to divide up the space, but a light, flexible vertical surface used as a divider runs all along the fitness area, screening it from view to provide privacy for people exercising. The colour of the floor picks up on the black in the dividing curtain so that the surfaces form a single, harmonious whole.

The swimming pool is very brightly lit, separated from the garden only by a large pane of glass so that natural light is reflected on the floor, in the light hues with metallic stripes characteristic of Ariostea's Albino light stone, used in large sizes and mosaic tiles.
The same material appears on the steps down to the swimming pool, which is covered with Ariostea Black Ardesia stone with its deep hues and total absence of veins contrasting with the stone outside in a chiaroscuro dialogue.

Great attention was paid to the design of details and the overall composition in the spa, which is divided into multiple wellness routes, including a hammam, jacuzzis, chaises longues for lying down in the water and sensorial showers: Ariosteaís Black Ardesia stone characterises the spa area and enriches the design with numerous custom-designed special pieces.

One particular feature of this material is its excellent resistance to chemical agents, which means it can be treated with sanitising products to provide users with the sensation of healthfulness that underlies the sense of wellbeing. In combination with Albino Light stone in the stairways and passageways, it provides the visual stimulation characterising the pool in this area as well.

Dedication to wellness of body and mind inspired the project to focus on the choice of a skin, of floor and wall coverings, that not only offer functional qualities such as resistance and easy sanitisation but are rich in visual messages in a stimulating chromatic balance.

Location: Carpi (MO) - Italy

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