Mykonian K Mykonos

Mykonian K Mykonos

Hotel Spa & Wellness

The aesthetic of Ariostea Ultra high-tech porcelain combines with the architectural beauty of Mykonos in the renovation of “K Hotels”, 3 separate buildings - Korali, Naia and Kyma - part of the Myconian Collection luxury resort chain. Overlooking fantastic beaches in the enchanting atmosphere of the Cyclades, dominated by the famous windmills of Alefkandra, the three hotels have a vibrant atmosphere and offer a complete holiday and relaxation experience, with displays of works by international artists and designers, as well as a vast selection of wines and gastronomy.

These places are imbued with centuries of fascination, surrounded by nature and set in the most luminous places on the Aegean, where the high tech of the Ultra range of slabs finds its perfect architectural setting. Ultra “ICementi” Iron and Silver, Ultra “Resine” Silicio, Ultra Pietre (Azul Bateig Limestone, Grey and White Basalt) and Ariostea “Pietra di Calais” cover the K Hotels and enhance the atmosphere in which local tradition meets the extreme luxury of elegant spaces. This aesthetic choice, with its strongly expressive connotations, is aided by Ariostea Ultra through a variety of colours for surfaces and floor tiles, with grey and delicate chiaroscuro shades that adapt themselves to the exclusive and always elegant environments. The spaces share decades of brand identity, but at the same time have their own special nature. The 5-star Myconian Korali (Relais et Chateaux) hotel is located on the sacred island of Delos.

Its simple, pure architecture reveals its beauty immediately, also thanks to its colourful details and elegant soft furnishings. The Myconian Naia (Luxury Suites), in a private area with a splendid sea view, wins its guests’ hearts with its unique 18 suites inspired by the architecture of traditional Mycenaean homes, which offer a “unique combination of contrasting elements and forms”. The Myconian Kyma (Design Hotels) takes its name from the Greek word for wave. Located on top of the famous Myconian Hill, it is a concentration of light, whiteness and natural beauty, "the first member of the Myconian Collection Hotels and Resorts and a reference point for the international jet set for 5 decades".

With its high-tech porcelain tiles in shades that echo the beaches, sands and lands of the Mediterranean, Ariostea Ultra helps identify the elegance and style of the Myconian Collection, combining perfectly with the modern Cyclades architecture.

Location: Mykonos - Greece

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