Imperial Mykonos

Imperial Mykonos

Hotel Spa & Wellness

In the splendid natural setting of the Cyclades, the tradition of Italian ceramics looks perfectly at home in one of the best-known luxury hotels on the island of Mykonos: the Imperial Hotel.
Like the Royal Hotel, the Imperial became a part of “The Myconian Collection” family of luxury hotels in 2002; both belong to the well-known The Leading Hotels of the World group.
Both situated in a fairy-tale location on the cliffs above Elia beach, the Imperial and the Royal Hotel follow the architectural traditions of the Mediterranean, and specifically the Cyclades archipelago, where white is the predominant colour for buildings.
One of the chief centres of hospitality on Mykonos, the Imperial Hotel is unique for the comfort of the accommodations, the quality of the service, and the dining experiences it offers.
The floors in the hotel are covered with Ultra Iridium Bianco porcelain slabs with a soft finish to emphasise daylight, both indoors and outdoors.
Designed for large-scale spaces and renovations such as the Imperial Hotel, the ULTRA technology used in the Iridium collection, with its basic hues (bianco, nero, grigio), offers considerable flexibility and freedom to create your own projects with no particular restrictions on size.
A very important detail, especially in a context such as the Cyclades and the island of Mykonos in particular, which is protected by a building code restricting the choice of products to be used in new constructions and renovation projects visible from outside.
The large size of Ultra slabs (100x100-150x75 cm) and their very thin thickness (6 mm) ensures visual continuity between spaces and amplified perception of space, favoured by the hotel’s raised position with panoramic views of the Aegean.
Iridium Bianco is used in all the spaces (rooms and suites, fitness centres, dining areas and halls used for conferences, events and shows), contributing to the feel of ease and comfort offered by a product of quality design.

Location: Mykonos - Greece

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