Hotel Spa & Wellness

There’s nothing better than a spa and wellness centre to make a hotel stay into a truly relaxing, regenerating experience. Sauna, Turkish bath, hot tub and chromotherapy are only a few of the possibilities offered by the BioSpa and Fitness area at the Ramada Encore 4-star hotel in Bologna.

The BioSpa wellness centre designed by architect Elena Ogna features Ariostea surfaces from the Ultra line, contributing to the experience of regeneration and relaxation in a space designed to be in harmony with the customised massage treatments it offers. "Shady, relaxing" are two of the possible translations of the Spanish word "Ramada" which gives the Whindam brand’s hotel chain its name. Two words that are perfect for describing the Whindam group’s hotels, more than 800 in 63 countries all over the world. The Ramada Encore is a member of this chain located near the exhibition centre only a few kilometres from the centre of the city of Bologna.

The Ramada Encore’s wellness centre in Bologna features Ultra Ariostea’s Silver and Iron (from the Ultra ICementi collection) and Statuario Altissimo (from the Ultra Marmi collection) high-tech porcelain surfaces. In spaces such as wellness centres which include areas in contact with water and steam, it is important to guarantee stability, non-absorbency, hygiene and long-lasting healthfulness, and porcelain surfaces from Ariostea’s Ultra line respond perfectly to these requirements, guaranteeing ultra-high technical performance with unrivalled elegance.

In their interaction with the lighting, shadows and steam typical of wellness centres, the Ultra ICementi and Marmi collections are surfaces that preserve the features of the materials that inspire them, enriching them with highlights and shadows for a gratifying experience of relaxation.

Location: Italy - Bologna
Architect: Elena Ogna

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