Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Matera

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Matera

Hotel Spa & Wellness

Immersed in a splendid natural oasis of five hectares of parkland, surrounded by gardens and by the hills of Basilicata, the Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Matera is only a few minutes away from the centre of the town of Matera, home to the Sassi and the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
An evocative, regenerative place warmed by the Mediterranean sun and lined with Ultra Ariostea porcelain tiles.

Architect Giampiero Latorre has created a fine example of contemporary architecture for the hospitality industry, offering every possible form of comfort and located in a unique landscape. The Hotel Hilton has plenty of facilities for relaxation, including Venus Spa Fitness Centre, indoor and outdoor pools and a big lounge area.

The walkways, the area around the pool and the outdoor pavement in the complex feature Green Quartzite slabs from the CM2 collection, creating a fascinating visual contrast with the green areas. CM2 is the perfect pavement for outdoor spaces, as it permits easy laying, maintenance and inspection in the event of structural changes or adjustment of the substrate. Its thickness and mass guarantee resistance to stress and loads.

The Hilton Garden not only features beautiful outdoor spaces but has an interesting interior featuring large meeting areas and dining halls, including a Congress Centre incorporating five halls with a total capacity of 700 people that can be set up in different ways and Giardini Venusio Banquet Hall. The bright white of Ultra Ariostea Iridium flooring and the precious veins of Paonazzetto S from the Ultra Marmi collection, along with the big windows, help to create a cosy atmosphere and underline the visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The colours, shine and veins of marble add to the prestige of indoor spaces with all the charm and warmth of one of the most precious traditional surfaces for floors and walls: marble.

Location: Matera - Italy
Architect: Giampiero Latorre

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