Hotel Artemide

Hotel Artemide

Hotel Spa & Wellness

The project of restyling the hotel has been carried out respecting the high value of some of the existing elements, so the choice of materials and decorative techniques was made with care for the relationship between new and old elements. The plan to maintain the existing structures was not considered a limitation but rather a challenge and a stimulus in the search for solutions and combinations of colours and materials. The colours were selected from a palette of greys, to allow us to achieve a neutral base on which the nuances of the materials selected could live together without creating contrasts.

The existing floor was badly damaged by some cracking arising over time, probably due to structural settlement of the building and rising damp, as part of the floor on the ground floor is in contact with the earth. The restyling work also had to be concentrated in a very short time - 40 days - and did not allow for the removal of the old flooring and its substrate. These priorities guided the choice we made toward a latest generation and large format porcelain stoneware, in thin tiles with a smooth, shiny surface with a Statuario Altissimo marble effect, to be glued on to the existing floor. The size of the tiles, 300 x 150cm, required particular care in the handling and cutting of the material, which was laid with very narrow joints, and imitates as closely as possible a marble floor of great value, with the advantages of a highly technical material both in terms of laying and maintenance. The perimeter trim, stairs and door trims have been made in Silver Grey marble from Kenya while a mosaic was laid in the centre of the main hall that evokes that basilica flooring made from this family of Roman "marbles" between the Roman XIIth and XIIIth century, using ancient Roman materials that surfaced from underground.

The existing wooden furnishings have been treated with a decorative technique that resembles the fibre of a fabric, and the doors and the reception desk were coated with MDF panels carved with a three-dimensional technique that makes the surface vibrate in an almost organic way, lacquered with a pewter-coloured varnish. Decorative luminaires were custom-designed and the main chandelier in red Murano glass was made by the master craftsman Luca Fornasier.

Location: Roma - Italy
Architect: Franco Bernardini

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