Eagles Villas

Eagles Villas

Hotel Spa & Wellness

The expansion of an exclusive five-star hotel situated on the coast of Greece’s Chalkidiki peninsula gave us the opportunity to begin collaborating with the Tor Hotel Group, which owns four hotels.
From the very first meeting with the owners in Athens, it was clear just how important any supply contract would be for Ariostea’s business and image, with 40 luxurious villas with swimming pools overlooking the sea to be built. The first issue to address was the need to take decisive action and work quickly to deliver in time for the opening, which was scheduled for April. Our team, made up of Greek, Italian and French professionals, immediately began collaborating and exchanging information with the owners and French designer Fabienne Spahn in order to supply samples and products.

The architect’s objective was to conserve the Mediterranean identity of the surrounding area while incorporating a subtle modern influence. We thus chose the Ultra iCementi line in silver for the main flooring of all the villas, while the original choice of real white marble for the bathrooms was replaced with Ultra Marmi Covelano Shiny tiles. The service we provided and the wide range of products we were able to offer lead to more of our products being used for the main building: Legni High Tech Rovere Reale in the 20x120 format for the hall and reception, Ultra Onice Grigio Shiny in the 300x150 format for the toilets in the main restaurant and Pietre High Tech and Pietra Piasentina in the 60x120/60x60/15x15 formats for the external and internal swimming pools and the restaurant terrace.

Location: Halkidiki Peninsula, Greece
Architect: 3SK Stylianidis Architects

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