Baca Suite, Restaurant & Bar

Baca Suite, Restaurant & Bar

Hotel Spa & Wellness

In prestigious, refined hospitality projects, every little detail contributes to determination of an optimal atmosphere of well-being and comfort, starting with the choice of countertop, floor and wall coverings.
Ariostea’s Ultra range defines the exclusiveness of these spaces with a range of top-quality high-tech ceramic collections for indoor and outdoor use which have been chosen by numerous outstanding hospitality facilities.
Starting with the choice of materials, and continuing with laying schemes and customisation of spaces, Ariostea maxi-slabs are products of contemporary design that fully respond to the technical and aesthetic requirements of projects of this kind, and have been used in important hospitality projects such as the Bacã Suite Hotel & Restaurant in Taranto (architect Ugo Bari).

The high-end Bacã Suite is the product of "a meticulous restoration project that gives an architectural property back to the city, to be experienced on a number of levels", in an attractive, elegant combination of history, exclusiveness and design.
In an early 20th-century building in the heart of Taranto’s historic Borgo Umbertino district, the hotel, restaurant and bar are harmoniously combined on the basis of a style inspired by that of Europe’s great capitals.
"Spaces, materials and colours" were carefully studied in an interior design project that becomes an integral part of the hospitality experience: the wooden flooring, furniture, taps and all the accessories are of absolutely top quality to satisfy the guests’ senses and aesthetic tastes.

On the basis of this concept, the natural choice for covering the surfaces in the bathrooms of the suites was prestigious Italian ceramic, and specifically Ariostea Bianco Covelano 300x150 cm maxi-slabs with a Shiny finish.
Marble-effect maxi-slabs such as Bianco Covelano are classic yet contemporary, perfect for the wellness area in the Bacã Suite, which features a Turkish bath, an emotional shower and a chaise longue for couples to relax on.
This extremely elegant covering material of outstanding quality is ideal for the bathroom thanks to its hues, gloss and veining, adding a precious touch to the room with plenty of light, warmth and attraction.
The choice of maxi-slabs for the project ensures the visual continuity of coverings and amplifies the sensation of hospitality, all for an intense experience of wellbeing and relaxation.

Location: Taranto
Architect: Ugo Bari

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