Arta Terme Udine

Arta Terme Udine

Hotel Spa & Wellness

Arta Terme Spas

Completion of the spa, lot V
New wellness area on the first floor of the Edificio delle Acque

The interventions include the arrangement of the Palazzo delle Acque's first floor used as a wellness area to complement the recreational and therapeutic services conducted in water on the lower floor.
These are hot and humid locations - steam bath and thalassotherapy - as well as dry locations - dry sauna and bio sauna - kneipp therapy and sensory showers. The wellness area is meant to be the crown of the relaxation area located in the lounge, facing the large window with a view of the inner courtyard of the spa.
The premises in question shall follow a strong geometry which organizes the above mentioned services behind a wall completely covered in porcelain tiles, made with 60x30 Merano Stone, the tonalities of which are similar to the dominant colour of the floor tiles.
The interior of the wellness area is completely covered with an Iridium mosaic collection in dominant hot and cold colours, colour variations that distinguish dry and wet environments. The service rooms and floor coverings are strictly light-coloured.
The dark tone floor fabric enhances the sinuous wood bleed diaphragm of the old larch beams placed in the relaxation area.  The floor lighting system and the artificial light mark out the rhythm of the wooden screen.

Location: Arta Terme - Italy
Architect: Mario Capellari, Giorgio Della Longa, Lorenzo Valla

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