New European Diagnostic Centre in Parma

New European Diagnostic Centre in Parma

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The new European Diagnostic Centre in Parma is shaped like the wing of an aircraft

Cutting-edge technology, maximum visibility and a welcoming atmosphere are the keys to the new Poliambulatorio Dalla Rosa Prati clinic in Parma, a clear glass building shaped like the wing of an aircraft to symbolise the infinite possibilities offered by science.
While the arcade leading into the building is made of three-part steel columns, the upper levels – linked by a sculptural spiral staircase of white reinforced concrete – have no pillars inside, for the supports are incorporated into the building’s structural outer wrapper.

Careful attention is paid to every detail with thoughtful choice of all the materials used in the project, including High-Tech Grey Oak from Ariostea, an alternative to natural wood parquet, for the flooring in the gym, clinics, waiting and reception areas and the first and second floors of the office building. Ariostea’s High-Tech Woods are solid slabs of porcelain stoneware made using a patented computer-controlled multi-loading system which faithfully reproduces the look, feel, veins and warmth of natural wood, with the added benefits of resistance to deep scratches, water, heat and chemicals. It requires no treatment before or after laying or in subsequent years.

The project aims to achieve excellence in terms of aesthetics, visibility and practicality. The centre offers a number of services intended to ensure patients’ physical and psychological wellbeing: three separate reception areas with comfortable, discrete waiting rooms designed to ensure privacy by keeping common areas to a minimum and guiding people to the right areas with “soft” indicators in the form of illuminated numerical signals.
The choice of colour for the walls is also the result of careful study, as is the building’s location in the Crocetta zone, an area which is easily reached, has a large parking lot and, most importantly, is closed to Parma's Ospedale Maggiore hospital.

Location: Parma - Italy
Architect: Arch. Francesca Dalla Rosa Prati - Ing. Andrea Maggiorelli

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