Ospedale di Asti

Ospedale di Asti

Hospitals and clinics

Town: Asti, Italy
Customer: Piemonte Region ASL (Local Health Company) n° 19 of Asti
Procedure Head: Ing. Carla Pettazzi
Preliminary and final architectural project: arch. Vittorio Francesco Valletti, ing. Marco Vitali
Gross floor area: 124,893 m²
Total volume: 513,639 m³

Dedicated to Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia, the new Asti hospital is an extraordinarily interesting urban complex, unavoidably invasive due to its size but well aware of the role it plays and harmoniously integrated into the urban surroundings.

The architectural project, developed by the architect Vittorio Francesco Valletti and the engineer Marco Vitali, comprised a complex built on steep slope, with three floors above ground in its highest part and an overall area of 130,000 m². The aim was to create a modern hospital featuring a modern layout and leading-edge equipment, based on strength, precision, solidity and a long lifetime.

It is an important complex for Asti as it attracts a daily population of some 8,000-10,000 people. The floor plan comprises two opposing medical and surgical buildings separated by a large area fitted out as a "square". The entire project is based on this covered area, an authentic urban fragment, which co-ordinates all the functions of the hospital and reveals the clear and essential nature of the project.
The square is similar to a city hall where the force that generated the hierarchy and concept of the entire project is concentrated.
It is a synonym for urban life and sociality, it is a place where the people who work there, the patients and their relatives communicate, strike up new relationships and meet new people.

For this open space, the luminous and welcoming nucleus of the entire complex the architects have devised a highly scenographic floor, capable of marking out routes whilst generating an elegant decorative pattern.

Thanks to the Ariostea High Tech stones, factory made using natural raw materials and innovative technologies, the need for materials capable of withstanding heavy traffic on a long-term basis was combined with a finish featuring an elevated aesthetic value.
The Ariostea Green Quarzite, Pietra di Luserna, Black Ardesia and Quarzite Rosa Brasil high-tech stones, show off their expressive potential thanks to the naturalness of the colour effects and their technical and functional qualities.

To give the idea of continuity between the exterior and the interior, it was also used in the square in front of the hospital entrance, where the Ariostea high-tech stones perform very well in the rain and offer elevated resistance to temperature changes and frost.
The design assumptions, the choice of materials and their expressive chromatic force represent the sense of welcome and "humanisation" that the new hospital building was planned to enhance.

Location: Asti - Italy
Architect: Arch. Vittorio Francesco Valletti, Ing. Marco Vitali

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