Dental Clinic Zirkonzahn Bolzano

Dental Clinic Zirkonzahn Bolzano

Hospitals and clinics

Ariostea technical ceramics are the ideal solution to meet a wide variety of requirements, both for residential or commercial projects and for the ever-expanding sectors associated with hospitality, contract and wellness.
Over the years a combination of sophisticated aesthetics and innovative performance has created a catalog of market leading products in the world of contemporary floor and wall tiling, in addition to the finest Made in Italy excellence.

In particular, hospitals, clinics and health facilities are the type of building where Ariostea ceramics’ comprehensive, long-term technical and aesthetic qualities are evident over time.
The Zirkonzahn dental clinic in Bolzano is the headquarters of this group of clinics which specialize in the manufacture of well-being and dental health products with an intuitive mix of creativity and craftsmanship.
The excellent quality of their products is evident from their distribution network, now present in 80 countries.

However, Zirkonzahn’s head office remains in South Tyrol, the birthplace of its founder Enrico Steger "inventor of manual milling technology for zirconium", and the place where "zirconium milling systems are manufactured, including extraction, furnace, coloring liquids and sintering of zirconium blanks".
When selecting floor and wall tiling for the company’s head office, the priority was the attractive aesthetic features of technical porcelain such as Bianco Covelano from the Ultra Marmi collection.
For stair surfaces, we opted for Black Ardesia from the Pietre Naturali High-Tech collection which provides an elegant contrast.

In open spaces, meeting rooms and working environments, the brightness of Bianco Covelano marble-effect porcelain combined with the striking large format determined the main appearance of the entire interior design. A sophisticated design choice that confers warmth, cleanliness and a welcoming, spacious ambiance, enhanced by large windows which provide views of the surrounding landscape.
The predominantly white color ensures a light, bright effect at all times whilst affording a sophisticated interplay of light with the subtle shading on the large format tiles.

Location: Bolzano - Italia
Architect: Steger Heinrich
Client: Zirkonzahn srl

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