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In the vanguard from any point of view the Università Castrense Medical Centre is located in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in the province of Udine, on a 1500 square metre lot. This multi-specialistic public/private medical facility designed by Studio Europrogetti srl of Udine stands out for its unusual double structure built using external pillars containing the building.

Ariostea products were chosen for construction of the ventilated walls due to the company’s vast experience in the field of design and construction of coverings for large outdoor surfaces guaranteeing flexible design, top level aesthetic results and high performance in terms of durability, ease of installation and reduced maintenance.

Quickness was a very important factor in this project; the client wanted the outer cladding to be completed and the ground floor ready for use within 3 months of the start of work, requiring use of "dry", standardised, rapid construction technologies.

Great care and attention were paid to the design of different functional blocks and how they interact. The building's cladding reflects the themes of innovation, advanced technology and efficiency, acting as the fulcrum and leitmotif for its design.The cladding material was chosen primarily for its aesthetic qualities and its performance.

Finally, use of Ariostea high-tech marble slabs ensures that the weight borne by the building's metal load-bearing structure is not too high, thanks to the limited weight of Ariostea slabs as compared to natural quarry, and helps make the laying process flexible and versatile, permitting elements to be cut directly on-site for faster installation.
"Dry" technologies are the construction technology of the future, allowing rapid, constant construction work, exact correspondence to the design and high final quality.

With its forward-looking aesthetics and use of high-tech materials, the project represents a break from traditional local architecture.
The system's flexibility makes it perfect for either new buildings or renovation of damaged old buildings: it offers an excellent option for recovering existing constructions. In compositional terms too, the ventilated wall opens up new possibilities for expression by combining different materials, textures and surfaces
Ariostea high-tech marbles guarantee high mechanical resistance, less weight than natural stone and marble and therefore less problems transporting the materials during construction for faster installation, chemical inertia in relation to atmospheric pollutants, high resistance to temperature excursions, inertia in response to freeze/thaw cycles and humidity, and very low degree of water absorption resulting in very limited maintenance requirements.The choice of ventilated walls for the building's outer cladding permitted to complete the façade in about a month, responding to the client's need for rapid completion.

Location: S. Giorgio Nogaro (UD) Italy

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