Beijing Project

Beijing Project


Linglong World is the landmark building developed by Beijing Jinyu Dacheng Co., Ltd. Located at the pivotal position in west 4th ring road in Beijing, it establishes a comprehensive complex for luxury showrooms, fashion shops, commercials and high-end offices.

The architect chooses "Linglong" in Chinese as the identity of building, which represents the concept of a crystal, melodious, delicate and sophisticate world.

Thanks to its realistic surface yet excelsior features to natural marble such as high resistance to abrasion, stain, chemical agents, breaking strength and frost, STATUARIO series of Ariostea which is officially distributed by Ambio in China, became the winner for Linglong facade among all the severe competition of material biddings.

By extensive study on facade systems, Ambio introduced the latest facade technology in the world and cooperated with the construction company to convert it to a new type of visible facade system which is more suitable for China market. The new system has been approved by the pertinent national authority via curtain wall seismic resistance test, which fills the gap in the domestic construction field.

Linglong World is the first public project of which facade is installed with imported tiles in China. Meanwhile, it is also the first building that is realized by visible facade system.Total 22,000 square meters of facade makes this project one of the most important references of Ariostea

The building has been in service for 2 years. After the completion of landscaping and plant deployment, the effect of large and consistent facade surface exceeds the developer's expectation, expressing perfectly the idea of original design. As the first successful reference of innovative material and facade system, Linglong World has been unanimously praised by the experts and scholars in the field and also received extensive attention among national construction institutes and building companies.

Location: Beijing
Architect: Strategy Architectural Design Co., Ltd

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