The New Ariostea's Face

The New Ariostea's Face


Ariostea, in line with the company’s investment programme and the launch of new products, is also giving its headquarters a facelift with the adoption of a ventilated facade system using the Ultra iCementi collection. The architectural project entrusted to Marco Porpora Architects Studio involves rearranging the building’s cladding slabs horizontally to give an impression of the company's energy and dynamism. Graphite grey sheets, rhythmically interspersed against the predominantly light grey facade, alternate between the existing windows to seamlessly cover the entire building. The ventilated system shifts the building’s entire internal volume outwards, with the exception of the belt line at the base of the building. Right from the outside, the new design for the company’s headquarters shows a pleasing distinction between the exhibition space and the administrative space, and confers a sense of lightness and suspension to the upper part of the building.

Location: Castellarano -Italy
Architect: Marco Porpora

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