Technical ceramics can become an architectural element of primary importance, as in the Rimini Banca auditorium designed by architect Giorgio Tarducci. In this project the architect has chosen Ultra Ariostea’s Ultra Metal porcelain tiles in Brown Zinc. In a context in which polygonal shapes alternate and combine with more traditional rectangular motifs, Rimini Banca auditorium stands out for its overall classic image, a harmonious choice which is in turn underlined by colour schemes centring around light and dark brown.

The Ultra Metal collection is, as the name suggests, inspired by the material and aesthetic qualities of metals, and it is available in 7 different hues, including Blue Zinc, Brown Zinc and Grey Zinc, and 4 new variants, Spazzolata, Alluminio, Lamiera Nera, Brunito and Rame.

Only 6mm thick and available in a number of different sizes, Ultra Metal represents one of the most sophisticated and futuristic Ultra Ariostea collections, evoking vintage and post-industrial atmospheres.

In each of the variants, the dramatic effect, with Zinc floor and wall coverings, creates a lived-in look and an atmosphere with a historical flavour, making it the ideal choice for spaces such as auditoriums, halls and all multi-purpose spaces where meetings and conventions are held.

Location: Rimini - Italy
Architect: Tarducci Giorgio

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