Parma airport

Parma airport

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In Parma airport, architect Antonella Luberti attempted to recreate the atmosphere of a “Loft”, an idea inspired by the need for plenty of room and plenty of light, with high ceilings to house all the installations required in an airport terminal. The architect chose to cover the floor with Cardoso tiles measuring 60x60 Ariostea's High-tech Stones series.

The material's rough, porous surfaces offer the natural look of stone, combined with strength and easy cleaning and maintenance: qualities that make it perfect for high traffic areas.

The new terminal stands next to the old building, a cement parallelepiped with a big cylinder in the middle, standing out from it in its dimensions and materials. The new structure is more imposing than the older one, twice as high, with an escalator in the centre.

Made of glass and steel with big bays and canalisation of the installations left in view, the project attempts to simulate a loft. The glass walls around the outside and the skylights in the ceiling add light and “dilate“ the space.

Location: Parma - Italy
Architect: Antonella Luberti

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