The first floor renovation of “Ariostay”, the name given to the latest building to further expand the Ariostea showroom in Castellarano, was designed by Marco Porpora Architetti. The installation is a unique design in the large double-height building, with a simple dual-pitched structure.

“When they asked us to redesign the interior, with the aim of showcasing the marble collection’s latest vibrant, colorful products effectively, we immediately thought that the design should contrast with the stark, minimalist look we had given the outside of the building a year earlier - Nero Marquinia and custom-made mirror effect ceramics using DYS (Design Your Slab). 

We designed a space where the objects merge together and float in the air, like in your dreams, where the sequences of the ceramics are only confined by the limits of your memory.
Working with the engineers, we developed a ceramic-clad endoskeleton structure, which enabled us to suspend gleaming ceramic airships, making them float around the spiral staircase, which we intended to be like overlapping marble discs in the sky.
The setting and installation brought the various spaces such as the dining area, living area and kitchen to life. All these spaces play a key role in the ambiance without conclusively defining it.

The surfaces’ color palette, including green Iranian marble, White Carrara stone, and the pinkish shades of Crystal collection, enabled us to create an elegant, luxurious look with the dream-like touch that we instantly wanted to convey.”
This is how Architect Marco Porpora described the creativity and design concept behind the first floor renovation of “Ariostay”, the latest building for Ariostea in Castellarano.

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