New entry in the ULTRA range

Research never stops in the world of large format ULTRA tiles which now includes Crystal Quartz and 3 new marble-effect surfaces.

Crystal, the ULTRA collection inspired by the world’s minerals, is brought up to date with Crystal Quartz, offering a wider color palette.
Crystal Dark, Crystal Grey and Crystal Sky are now joined by the delicate translucence and contrasting shades of Grey Quartz, Brown Quartz, Rose Quartz and White Quartz. A range of shades that, due to the large format and Polished Shiny finish, accentuates the surfaces’ elegance.

The ULTRA Marble line is complemented by new Daino Grigio and Tundra Grey, and introduces Pulpis Bronze which replaces Pulpis Brown.
Daino Grigio re-imagines marble, exploring different shades of gray, including dove gray. A varying amount of veining enlivens the background, giving an aesthetic result which conveys comfort and a sense of solidity.
Tundra Grey, inspired by stone, contrasts shades of gray, irregular clouding and subtle beige textures. Available in Polished, Polished Shiny and Soft finishes, the restrained yet stylish design naturally and elegantly complements any ambiance.
Warm Pulpis Bronze features brown and bronze tones with subtle white and hazelnut marbling. A cocooning surface, to personalize any room with bold sophistication.

Due to Ariostea’s constant, inexhaustible expansion of their catalog, the latest, up-to-the-minute, exclusive styles are available to architects and designers enabling them to create the most diverse design concepts.

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