YAcademy Bologna and MVRDV visiting Ariostea

Tuesday, November the 5th, a class of YACademy Bologna in visit at Ariostea Headquarters attended to a lecture by Jan Knikker, partner and leader of PR and Business Developement at MVRDV.

YACademy students were taken by Marco Corradi on a tour of the Headquarters showroom. During it they have been able to appreciate and learn about products, Ultra collections and to discover the innovative porcelain stoneware applications offered by Ariostea to architects and interior designer.

After that, the lectio held by Jan Knikker dealt with the activity of MVRDV, which is engaged in providing architectural and urbanistic solutions globally.
Starting from the founding of the firm, passing through world-famous projects such as the Tianjin Binhai Library in China and the Markthal in Rotterdam, up to the focus on experiences in the food sector, students were able to interact with the speaker and be inspired by his words.

The day ended with a Q&A session, during which Jan Knikker responded to the many curiosities of the students, interested in discovering the details of MVRDV's award-winning projects.