Ariostea and “La Lanterna di Diogene”

Ariostea has chosen the social farming cooperative “La Lanterna di Diogene” as its official partner for providing catering and corporate team-building services.
Ariostea has initiated a partnership with “La Lanterna di Diogene”, a social farming cooperative established in pursuit of the dream of creating an open, inclusive working environment in which people perform useful, constructive work in an enjoyable, stimulating atmosphere.
Since 2003 “La Lanterna di Diogene” has conducted a very special experiment in social inclusion and employment, offering people suffering from psychological and physical pathologies opportunities to participate in the running of the farm, each according to his or her own abilities and aptitudes, growing fruit and vegetables and tending to the vineyards for production of Modena Balsamic Vinegar.
Ariostea embraces La Lanterna di Diogene’s philosophy of love of the land and its traditions and, above all, respect for people, including people who are disadvantaged in some way, while offering the best of the gastronomy and territory of Emilia Romagna.