Berlin is the cradle of European creativity and design.In the last few years, numerous initiatives have been put in place in the German capital to promote new ideas and encourage young entrepreneurs to come forward. Ariostea, which has always had a strong commercial presence throughout Germany, recently commissioned a new showroom in one of the most productive and lively districts of Berlin, Sarotti Höfe.The post-industrial structure of this former chocolate factory still retains its characteristic romantic air and stratified layout.With the aim of highlighting these features, the architectural firm entrusted with this project, Marco Porpora Architecture Studio, created a lightweight panel system consisting of a series of ceramic sheets, vertically positioned in a rhythmic sequence to create a light and airy feel. The construction of the blind walls around three quarters of the showroom’s perimeter allows natural light to filter in and reflect off the central area. The walls feature an array of hexagons arranged at different heights, offering an unbroken view of the Ultra range.

Ariostea ispleased to welcome you to the opening night of the new showroom in Berlin,in the Sarotti Höfe,Mehringdamm 55 - courtyard 3 - entrance D.The new Ariostea-FABArchitectural Bureau space celebrates its premiere on July 2nd 2016,from 6 pm to midnight. During the event we present the Ariostea and UltraCollection with the latest trends of spring 2016.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 09:00- 13:00 14:00- 18:00