SapienStone SMART SLAB

SapienStone SMART SLAB

SapienStone SMART SLAB is a new compositematerial that integrates heating, cooling and sensor technology directly intolarge ceramic slabs.
SMART SLAB takes productSapienStone into the future by adding a layer of discreet technology to theunderside of its wafer thin ceramic slabs.

Come tosee the SMART SLAB TABLEseries inside Palazzo Clerici and discover on a sleek3m x 80cm tabletop that will demonstrate the potential of embedding technologyby integrating adjustable heating and cooling elements in a stunningly durablesurface. Circular heating elements facilitate cooking at a precise temperature,while cooling elements keep beverages perfectly chilled.

Circular heating elementsare positioned directly beneath guests’ plates, keeping them at a precisetemperature of 42.5° C.
Meanwhile, coolingelements are strategically placed along the table to keep champagne bottlesperfectly chilled.

12–17April 16 Milan Design Week
Saladel Tiepolo, Palazzo Clerici
ViaClerici 5, 20121 Milano

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