At Milano Design Week Ariostea launches its new products for spring 2016, presenting new products and collections. Ariostea presents 2 new collections, Marmi Classici, Teknostone . The Teknostone collection is Ariostea’s contemporary reinterpretation of the pure, refined character of stone materials. The Marmi classici collection is a new interpretation of the inimitable elegance of natural marble, while Ultra adds 12 new surfaces in 4 different colours to the Ultra Metal collection.

Ariostea presents its large Ultra tiles with the Marmi, Onici and Metalli collections, created with rare beauty and technical skill unparalleled anywhere in the world. An example of Italian manufacturing excellence, capable of studying and interpreting the principles of contemporary architecture.

Ritmicittà is an installation designed by the Marco Porpora firm of architects for Ariostea high-tech, and set up in one of the courtyards of Brera, in the heart of the district, during the 2016 design week. Its topic is the city and the geometry, sounds and materials that go to make it up, in a rhythmic repetition of elements that are always the same, yet at the same time always different. Simple and repetitive situations that have a complexity that, while sometimes indecipherable, are still familiar and warm like a symphony, going directly into the soul, disrespectful of intellect but always able to amaze.


The most important district in Italy for the promotion of design, an international reference point, and a centre of creative development.

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