New Ariostea High-Tech Woods for 2010: the perfection of technology and nature.

Ultra-fine solid porcelain stoneware reproducing the best natural oak woods, with all the performance of the best porcelain stoneware for heavy-duty floor and wall coverings.

Ambition and technology in four brand new sizes: 15x120, 20x120, 30x120 and 10x60. Made strictly out of ground solid porcelain stoneware, they are Ariostea’s new wood finish porcelain stoneware tiles with their highly ambivalent character expressing both traditional taste and a forward-looking attitude.

These new masterpieces of solid porcelain stoneware add two new types of oak to Ariostea’s already famous  High-Tech Woods collection: 

Corda Oak: the perfect blend of design and nature, this new shade is the maximum expression of light wood and delicate hues over time. The delicate colours of wood every day for modern interiors featuring the outstanding quality and performance of Ariostea porcelain stoneware. The product has an infinite variety of uses: floor and wall coverings of all kinds are no longer a problem for architects who demand High-Tech Wood.

Tundra Oak: vigour and elegance in a brand new robust, prestigious wood look tile featuring light hues and strong colour. This new Ariostea High-Tech Wood combines the personality of a wood sought by design professionals with the innovation of the latest new technologies in Ariostea porcelain stoneware. Technology and warmth to serve the most demanding architectures.

One outstanding quality of High-Tech Woods is their great versatility: superior aesthetic and technical qualities, expressed in 12 varieties and 8 different sizes, make this Ariostea collection perfect for interior and exterior design, meeting the requirements of architects and designers the world over.

In High-Tech Woods, moreover, the cult of aesthetics is combined with profound respect for the environment, a philosophy translating into an alternative to natural wood parquet guaranteeing environmental compatibility and technical performance for floor and wall coverings which have been certified by numerous international organisations.