The Real And Genuine Beauty Of Naturale Stone

Silk Limestone by Ariostea has all the fascination of natural stone: it is a high-tech, compact slab that is genuinely uniform in depth and characterised by very subtle variations in tone, as created by nature herself.

A fine, unique and surprising surface finish. The incomparable silky effect of the special silk polishing is achieved through an exclusive series of mechanical processes, similar to those that form naturally-occurring surfaces, and cannot be obtained with enamel or artificial applications.
The refined beauty and natural elegance of Silk Limestone is due to the ultra-fine grain size of the quarried limestone, perfectly understood and treated by Ariostea in painstaking detail.

4.7 - Light, green and superior performance.

Can be laid on existing floors and walls.
Ariostea extols the aesthetics and class of natural stone. Authentic as they are perfectly even, the 4.7 high tech tiles can be used to form a second "skin" on floors and walls, ensuring results that cannot be obtained using normal quarry stone.

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