Ariostea High-tech Woods

The poetry of the past meets the technology of the future.

Rovere naturale and Rovere abbazia
old monasteries, medieval abbeys, stately homes: different kinds of places which share an affinity for precious woods in subtle hues with strong fragrances,
inspiring a new era in ariostea high-tech woods.
their essence conceals a highly ambivalent character combining a taste for the antique with a forward-looking orientation.
this new chapter in the history of ariostea opens with 10 precious high-tech woods in different hues ranging from delicate to strong.
the intrinsic quality of high-tech woods lies in their great versatility: their superior aesthetic and technical properties make them ideal companions in designing both interiors and exteriors, responding to the desires of architects and designers.

High-tech Woods combine a cult of beauty with profound respect for the environment, translating this philosophy into an alternative to natural wood parquet flooring.

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